Introducing a social store for influencers

Nillio is breaking new ground in social commerce with the first platform that empowers influencers to sell a curation of products directly to their followers in the first multi-brand social store.


Transform followers into paying customers

Nillio is changing the rules of the game, empowering influencers with creative freedom to sell what they like – the way they like – to their trusted followers. All it takes is a post which links directly to the social store featuring the products for sale. Influencers receive high commissions; brands gain new revenue streams – and everyone is happy.

1 Scan

Scan products or select
items from Nillio marketplace

2 Add

Add your creative
content (photo, clip or live video)

3 Share

Share your content with your
followers on social media

4 Collect

Enjoy your weekly
commission on sales

Start a trend. Get your brand discovered.

Nillio brings a new level of collaboration between brands and influencers. Our marketplace features exciting new brands ready to be discovered by influencers with the power to reach out to millions of followers.

Thousands of influencer stores at your service

Nillio marketplace includes thousands of influencers ready to be discovered by suitable brands. Find influencers for your brand and make contact. If there’s a fit, let the party begin.

About Nillio The power to sell what you wish

Nillio is taking social commerce to the next level, having developed the first platform enabling influencers to earn high commissions by selling a curated selection of brands on their social stores.

“We set out to create the first influencer-driven live streaming platform that aligns the interests of brands with influencers. What we discovered is that we created a new economy.”
Gil Elias
Founder of Nillio